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This week in The Week

Here's what's in this week's issue of The Week magazine

2nd July 2022

  • Main stories: Game over?: A double defeat for the PM
  • Controversy: The ruling that has divided America
  • People: Billie Eilish: A global superstar at the age of 20
  • Best British article: Why the scammers love this country
  • Best American article: A sunshine state of mind: the mass exodus to Florida
  • Health & Science: Coffee makes you spend more
  • Talking points: The new Bill of Rights: eroding liberties?
  • Obituaries: Bernard Levy - High street retailer who helped liberate Belsen
  • The Last Word: The teenager who broke out of Auschwitz

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The Week Issue 1390


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Dawn French

The Week is the ideal paper for those who are too lazy or too busy. I am both and proud of it.

Joanna Trollope

It's not just excellent and succinct, but witty too.

Sir Ranulph Fiennes

It's the quickest way of finding out what's been happening all over the world.