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The price of oil is plummeting. What does that mean for the global economy?
The general election is just around the corner. Will UKIP overtake the Liberal Democrats? Can anyone get a majority?
Islamic State remains a force to be reckoned with. How are they reshaping the region?

It can be hard keeping up with the key news stories and their background. With hundreds of different sources vying for your attention, it’s not easy to find clear, unbiased journalism which gives you the facts you need.

The Week brings together the disparate voices of the world’s press, to give you an intelligent, balanced and concise summary of only the most important news and opinion. What’s more, you’ll be entertained and inspired too, with reviews, culture, travel, science and more.

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Just a few of the 200+ sources that inform The Week

The magazine brings together information from over 200 sources, closely edited together to provide an intelligent and unique snapshot of world events. This comprehensive list gives you an idea of just how much is packed into this fascinating read:

Various news sources that inform The Week
The Times
The Guardian
Daily Mail
Financial Times
The Daily Telegraph
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UK News

The Times
The Sunday Times
The Guardian
The Observer
The Daily Telegraph
The Sunday Telegraph
The Independent
The Independent on Sunday
Daily Mail
Mail on Sunday
London Evening Standard
The Sun
News of the World
Daily Mirror
Sunday Mirror
Daily Express
The Spectator
New Statesman
Radio Times
The Belfast Telegraph
BBC news online
New Scientist
British Medical Journal
Scientific American
Radio 4


Sunday Times Travel Magazine
Homes and Gardens
Conde Nast Traveller
What Car
Auto Express
Tatler Travel Guide
Harper's Bazaar
Wanderlust magazine
Scotland on Sunday

The Economist
City AM
Investors Chronicle


Camden New Journal (London)
The New Yorker
The Literary Review
Times Literary Supplement
Time Out

Wit and Wisdom
The Advertiser
The Australian
The Montreal Gazette
The Sunday Herald Sun (Melboure)

Liverpool Daily Post
International press

New York Magazine (NY)
The Washington Post
The New York Times
The Boston Globe
The New Republic
The New Republic Online
Chicago Tribune
The Wall Street Journal
Politics Daily
The Intellectual Activist (Charlottesville, VA)
Washington Times
St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Los Angeles Times
New York Daily News
USA Today
Christian Science Monitor
Chicago Sun-Times
The Nation (New York)
The Atlantic
National Review Online
San Francisco Chronicle
The Huffington Post
The American Spectator
Commentary Magazine (New York)
The Providence Journal (Rhode Island)
Rolling Stone (New York)
Time (New York)
National Post (Toronto)
Washington Examiner
Seattle Times
The Weekly Standard
The San Diego Union-Tribune
Fresno Bee (California)
New York Observer
Seattle Post-Intelligence
The Hartford Courant (Connecticut)
The News Journal Wilmington, Delaware)
San Antonio Express-News (Texas)
CNN (Atlanta)
Corriere della Sera (Milan)
Daily Times (Lahore)
The Palestine Chronicle (Ramallah)
La Repubblica (Rome)
The News International (Karachi)
Le Parisien (Paris)
The Gleaner (Kingston)
Turks and Caicos Sun
Turks and Caicos Net News
Stabroek News (Guyana)
The Irrawaddy (Chiang Mai, Thailand)
Gazeta Wyborcza (Warsaw)
Latvijas Avize (Riga)
La Cronica de Hoy
Radio Free Europe (Prague)
Kuwait Times
Dar Al Hayat (Beirut)
The Daily Star (Beirut)
Filastin (Gaza City) (Tel Aviv)
Arab News (Riyadh)
Next (Lagos)
Quds (Tehran)
turus magazin (Berlin) (sic)
Berliner Zeitung
El Pais
Lidove Noviny (Prague)
Le Figaro (Paris)
Italia Oggi (Milan)
La Stampa (Turin)
Avvenire (Milan)
El Tiempo (Bogota)
Point de Vue (Paris)
Radikal (Istanbul)
Suddeutsche Zeitung
The Korea Times (Seoul)
JoongAng Ilbo (Seoul)
Asia Times (Hong Kong)
Die Presse (Vienna)
RIA Novosti (Moscow)
Vedomost (Moscow)
The Moscow Times
Trud (Moscow)
Jyllands-Posten (Copenhagen)
The Age (Melbourne)
Die Tageszeitung (Berlin)
Jerusalem Post
Badische Zeitung (Freiburg)
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (New Delhi)
Hurriyet (Istanbul)
Le Temps (Geneva)
Liberation (Paris)
Neue Zurcher Zeitung (Zurich)
Le Matin (Lausanne)
20 Minuten (Zurich)
Der Tagesspiegel (Berlin)
Der Kurier (Vienna)
Al-Ahram (Cairo)
Le Soir (Brussels)
Die Welt (Hamburg)
Al (Doha)
Focus (Munich)
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
Yemen Times (Sana'a)
Der Spiegel (Hamburg)
Ha'aretz (Tel Aviv)
Foreign Policy (Washington)
Sme (Bratislava)
Le Monde (Paris)
AgoraVox (Paris)
Nezavisimaya Gazeta (Moscow)
The Nation (Lahore)
Lidove Noviny (Prague)
Handelsblatt (Dusseldorf)
Der Stern (Hamburg)
Berliner Morgenpost
The Indian Express (Mumbai)
La Nacion (Buenos Aires)
El Norte (Monterrey)
ABC (Madrid)
De Volkskrant (Amsterdam)
Dnes (Prague)
Postimees (Tallinn)
Polska (Warsaw)
Alternatives Economiques (Paris)
The Weekend Australian
Clarín (Buenos Aires)
Syria Comment (Oklahoma)
The Times of India

What's more, you'll also get:

  • Reviews of the latest art, music, books, television and film
  • The pick of the week's gossip
  • City news and analysis
  • The best properties on the market
  • Health and science headlines
  • and much, much more
Reviews of the latest art, music, books, television and film

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